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Thank you for your interest in exhibiting at the Great New York State Fair! We appreciate every single entry and will continue to hold our shows to the standard our fair has been upholding for over 100 years!
We understand the change towards online entries over the past few years is new for many, however we are here to help you with the online process. We are not accepting any form of cash or check this year as online is the only way to enter. An SFS number is required to enter. You may opt for the premiums to go to someone else. In this case (Common examples are children entering Open classes however the premiums go to the parents) simply give the SFS# of the premium recipient and make sure to give their full legal name in the “CONTACT” box when registering.
Don't Forget to Refer to the Rules and Regulations for your Division! These are located back on the state fairs website
For any Questions and Concerns please contact: 315.728.4383 , nysfairentrydepartment@agriculture.ny.gov